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Sexy Employee – Helen and Sienna

Last updated : October 4th 2016

Hello there, boys and gals! Because we have promised last time another hot sexy employee update, tonight we want you to enjoy watching two smoking hot babes while taking turns on riding their boss’s hard tool. Their names are Helen and Sienna and tonight both are willing to show off their goods to the camera just for our delight.


Helen is a huger for sex blonde with some beautiful big boobs and Helen is a smoking hot brunette who would have a piece of pussy or cock at any hour of the day. Those two sexy chicks are trying to satisfy their boss because he seemed to be very stressed after a day at work. So they went to his office and started to kiss and touch each other. He got the message and joined the game. Watch how this hot threesome enjoys a healthy evening sex session at work, see how those two sexy employees are getting their pussies stuffed by their boss’s big cock and how those incredibly hot bodies are expose to the camera. Our employees seems to be as hungry for pussies as they are for cocks, that’s why you will see them eating each other pussy while getting other fuck holes stuffed by their boss’s cock. Do not miss the end when both of them will wait in their knees for a little cum load to touch their pretty face. Take a look at that dribble of jizz load running down their chin. Don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside site, so check it out! See you soon!

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Hardworking Employee – Susan

Hi there, once again, everyone! I hope that you are ready for a new hot update, because tonight we want you to meet Susan, a hardworking employee who will do whatever it takes to satisfy every need that the company has. You will see her in hardcore sex action while satisfying her colleague need for a fuck session.

So Susan just finished her schedule and she is about to go home, but she is approach by her sexy colleague with a proposal: he need to help him to finish a project then he will repay her somehow. After they finish their job, she will ask him to fuck her right there. Of course that he is surprised by that request, but is also trilled because, as you may see, Susan is a very good looking woman. Her amazingly hot body will be shown and you will have the chance to watch her wrapping her juicy lips around her colleague’s hard tool. Then she will lay on that couch and and that stud will shove his hard cock deep inside of her sweet pussy making her moaning in pleasure. In the end she will get a nice cumshot on that soft skin and a nice pearl necklace of  jizz load will be sprayed across her tits. Next week we have another sweet and hot update for our fans and some crazy beautiful babes will show off their sexy curves at the camera while stuffing their every fuck hole with some big hard cocks.


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Sexy Employee – Sally and Lola

Hello once again, boys and girls! Tonight another hot update was prepared for you and two smoking hot blondes went on camera just for our delight. Meet Sally and Lola, the employees at the month. Those two are willing to work hard for that title, that’s why you will see them in their boss’s office touching each other on camera.

Their boss seems to be a freak, because he likes to watch only those two sexy employees touching each other on his office. But who can blame him? Just take a look at these gorgeous babes and their amazing curves exposed to the camera. They will start by taking off their clothes and touching slowly all over their sexy skin. Those big perky boobs will make you dreaming of putting you hard tool in their every fuck hole. After all that teasing, on of them will go strait down on business eating other’s wet pussy. Watch how they finger fucking each other and how those pretty pussies will be shown in their beauty to the camera. Their boss will enjoy every second of this hot lesbian sex session while he tapes for all of us that memorable moment. Do not forget to cum back next week for more employee sex sessions with horny babes while stuffing their pussies with some nasty big tools. Also you can check out the Czech casting pics and watch other beauties revealing their perfectly shaped bodies in front of the video camera!


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Lara Working Hard For A Raise

Hello there, once again, everybody! Tonight sexy employee want to surprise their fans with a amazingly hot update. They will present to all of us Lara, a smoking hot brunette with some good blowjob skills on her CV. This chick will show us how to get a nice raise without worrying about targets and projects.

It seems like Lara is one of those girls who know what they want and are willing to do whatever it take to obtain it,just like the girls from bang boat videos. She wanted a raise at her salary and she was willing to work hard to get it. She went to her boss’s office and after a provocative look she told him that she will do whatever it takes for that raise. The next moment she was down on her knees with those sexy lips wrapped all around that hard  cock. Enjoy watching her blowing hard on that cock, going deep throat with her boss’s hard gripped in the hair and see how she gets a mouthful of warm load cum. And being a good girl, she will swallow every drop of that nasty jizz load that touches her worthy tongue. And can you guess who got a raise next day? Do not miss our next update for more sex at workplace and sexy employees with a great hunger for hard tools or wet pussies who will go on camera every time they have the chance just for our delight.


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Sexy Employee – Karol

Hi there, everyone! Are you ready for a fresh update? Because last time we have promised to bring to you another hottie, now, to keep our promises, we present to you Karol, a smoking hot blonde with a pare of big beautiful boobs and incredible curves. She will expose that all natural gorgeous body just for our delight.

So Karol seems to enjoy more and ore her new job, so much that she will do anything it takes to keep it. That’s why she accepted her boss’s request to take out all of her clothes in front of the camera. She did not only accepted that request, but she was also trilled about that, because she had a big crush on her boss. So enjoy watching her exposing those sexy boobs at the camera. That soft skin and the perfect round ass will make you dreaming of putting your hard cock all over her and shoving it in her tight fuck holes. After that hot body will be all over the camera, you will see her starting to touch herself, also on her boss’s request. She will squeeze and massage those perky boobs and that pretty pussy will be fingered by her slutty little hands. Do not miss the end because our sexy babe has a big surprise for all of us! If you liked this cutie cum inside and watch other stunning chicks getting naked in front of the camera!


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Insane Facial

Hello once again, boys and girls! As we’ve promised last week, tonight we will bring to you a fresh sexy employee update. We want you to meet this incredibly hot blonde with a great hunger for big hard cocks who will suck and slurp on her boss’ dick until she will get a nice cumshot on that cute face.

Take a look at how this crazy beautiful blonde tries to impress her boss by wearing only super tight dresses at workplace. She will do anything to have the chance to meet him closely. She asked him if he wants a body massage after work and tonight it seems like stars are on her side and she get to be alone with him in his office. Take a look at our blonde and see how she drop herself on her knees and wrap those sweet juicy lips around her boss’ hard tool. She will suck hard on it, then she will be bended and fucked from behind balls deep. Her pussy will be filled up with that hard tool and she will moan in pleasure while her boss will slide his cock in and our of her. She will be fucked in every fuck hole and in the end, after she blows once again that cock, she will get an insane facial. You will see dribble of cum load running down her chin and she will swallow every drop of nasty jizz load that touches that worthy tongue. Cum back next week if you wanna see more horny employees getting their pussies hammered and sucking and slurping hard on some huge dicks. For similar content, you can watch a nuru massage video and see other beauties swallowing big loads of warm and sticky cum!

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Sexy Employee – Joanna

Hello once again, everyone! Tonight it comes to you a brand new update. We want you to meet Joanna, a smoking hot blonde with a big love for hard tools and sex at workplace. If you have a girl like this you work, you will definitely be very anxious to get at work. Being a secretary, she had to do anything it took to satisfy her boss, so enjoy watching getting her eager pussy hammered and see how she blows her boss.


So Joanna was called in her boss’ office and she needed to go immediately. She thought that it might be something wrong, but it seems like the only wrong thing was the bone that her boss had. She needed to take care of that, so take a look of how she goes down on her knees and start to suck hard on that big cock. Then she will go on top of her boss and will ride and fuck him wildly. Enjoy watching her moving like a true professional slut on that cock while moaning in pleasures. Do not miss the moment Joanna gets her worthy tongue fucked again until she gets a nice cumshot on that pretty face. Dribble of nasty jizz load will run down her chin. Cum back next week for more porn made by others smoking hot and horny babes who will get their every fuck hole stuffed by some big and hard tools. Also you can visit my friends hot girl website and watch other slutty ladies riding big dicks!

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Employee Of The Month – Doreen

Hello there, once again, boys and girls! Are you ready for a fresh sexy employee hot update? Because tonight we will bring to you a incredibly hot employee with a great hunger for cocks who just got the “employee of the month” title after she sucked her boss hard tool.

Our girl have a love affair with her boss for a long time now, but she seems to enjoy that relationship more and more, that’s why she wanted to go on camera this time. So after she dropped on her knees, she wrapped those lips all around her boss’ hard cock. She sucked and slurp on it until she got a mouthful of nasty cum. Enjoy watching her blowing hard on that huge tool with the hands gripping the hair, doing some nice balls deep deep throats. After she sucks good on it, you will see her bended by her boss and hammered from behind while moaning in pleasure. Her eager pussy will be stuffed with that thick dick and in the end her mouth will be filled up with warm creamy load cum. Watch her swallowing every drop of that jizz load, making that title totally  earned.  Do not miss our next hot update if you wanna see more slutty employees being roughly fucked or shoving some big tools in their mouth and fucking hard their worthy tongue, getting sprayed with nasty jizz load in the end. Also you can visit the fresh outta high school blog and watch other slutty teens swallowing big loads of cum!


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Sexy Employee Porn – Lesbian Fun

Hi there, ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready for a fresh hot sexy employee porn update? Because we have prepared something truly special for you tonight. You will meet two incredibly hot babes with a big hunger for pussies having some lesbian fun at workplace. They will not be afraid to expose their sexy body at the camera and to eat each other pussy in their office, at work.

Let me tell how everything started: these two chicks are a employee and her boss. Since the boss found out that she has a lesbian in her company, all she could think was how to bring that girl in her office to try a little bit her exxxtrasmall pussy. So after she gave a phone call, she cleared her schedule for the rest of the day and said that she needs to see our employee immediate. The lesbian employee was a little worried at first, but from the moment she walked in that office, her boss was all over her, kissing and touching that incredibly hot body. Take a look at them and enjoy seeing how they take out their sexy clothes and a perfect all natural body is shown to that camera. They will touch and rub one another’s sweet boobs while kissing passionately. Then one of them will go strait to business eating and licking other’s wet pussy. Watch how they finger fucking to orgasm there, on the couch while moaning in pleasure. Cum back next week for more of these beauties and some other hot babes while having fun and satisfying their sex need at workplace.


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Dildo Fun

Hello there, once again, everyone! Last time we have promised a fresh update for tonight. We have it now and it is even more hotter than we thought. We will present to you this sexy woman with a huge hunger for fucking and a big power at her workplace. She will show us the meaning for being in power and doing whatever you want at work.

The main character for tonight a is super sexy inpowered woman. She own a big company and now she just moved in a new big office. She wanted to celebrate that in some way, so she bought these dildos which will fit with her new office, because they are big and new. So take a look at her shoving those dildos in her every fuck hole being in her new office, where she have this new couch. She will lay down on it and will try to entertain  herself a little bit. Enjoy watching her starting by sucking on those nasty huge dildos. Then she will stuff her eager pussy and that pretty butthole with them. Watch then moaning in pleasure while she goes in and out with those huge toys. She will not stop until she reaches the orgasm, right there at workplace.  Do not miss our next update because we have another special sexy employee update for you with some others hungry for cocks babes and huge tools shoved deep inside of their every fuck hole. Enjoy watching this fresh update, and don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside website! See you next time, friends!


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